Disability Discrimination: Job Interview

Posted on 17. Jan, 2011 by Mobility Scooter Batteries in adjustable beds

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25 Responses to “Disability Discrimination: Job Interview”

  1. PamelaRP

    17. Jan, 2011

    Being discriminated against is real and happens to many many people including me. I went to school and got a degree in Accounting (4) year degree and took computers and have 17 years of solid job experience and was in two car wrecks one in 1992 and one in 2006 and now cannot get any job. No matter what they look at me and lie to me about jobs that do not even exist. Temp agencies are evil and tell you about non existant jobs. I have been to 138 places to no avail. I hate Oregon. It is bad here.

  2. MaddDogg81

    17. Jan, 2011

    she has equal rights but you shoudl be able to do the job reasonably. So if she can;t do the job she shouldn’t get it jsut because theya re disabled

  3. PamelaRP

    17. Jan, 2011

    Thanks for posting this ad of how bad discrimination is among the disabled. I use a walker due to a car wreck that was not my falt and cannot get a job here in Oregon even with a 5 year Accounting degree. I took many computer courses and thought I did everything right and was in a car wreck in 2005 and 1992. I have been out of work since August of 2009 and have been to 140 places to look for a job most of them agencies. Employers are evil and know you cannot prove this.

  4. thezombiekiller87

    17. Jan, 2011

    Oh come on. You people really gonna trust a retarded person with millions of dollars of your money for investments I wouldn’t.

  5. 1982mockingbird1982

    17. Jan, 2011

    Yay! I love this ad

  6. indigoziona

    17. Jan, 2011

    I must admit there’s a certain Fridge Horror to this video. Watching it back, it does look like the interviewers were playing with the applicant for shits and giggles. It’s almost as if the interviewers were saying, “Lloyd might not like you because you’re disabled! You might do things wrong! You’re different and odd! Lloyd is scary and might make or break you…”

    (awkward silence)

    “Just kidding, he’s just unnaturally prejudiced against house music. Haha, your face!”

  7. indigoziona

    17. Jan, 2011

    When was the last time you had to take an IQ test in an interview? Interviews should focus on whether the individual is the right person for the job – in this case, if the woman submitted a good application form, impressed the interviewers and appeared fully capable of doing the job, then there’s no reason why she shouldn’t do it. Also, IQ isn’t a qualification – employers look at the actual qualifications (eg, NVQs, GCSEs) that people possess.

  8. fireicer

    17. Jan, 2011

    @vitaedigest because the smartest are usually multi-billion airs and we dont even know of there existence not alone what they say. just kidding. I have a theory which is smarter people can stand up and fight for there case unlike the less fortunate, hence. eg. we would expect more from Einstein than an alcoholic. now thats discrimination and certainly not equal. Wise words: Never judge!

  9. terrorsquadlith

    17. Jan, 2011

    wow they gave that downie like 4 words in this commercial :) Loyd, yes, thank you

  10. 1RadicalOne

    17. Jan, 2011

    There is a grain of salt to be taken with this. While noone should be rejected purely on the basis of a disability, some disabilities do disqualify people from some occupations. Case in point: Down’s syndrome sufferers have a median IQ of half that of the average population; ergo, someone with Down’s syndrome with diminished cognitive capacities – not all, not even close – would be less qualified for some jobs, such as professorship, engineering, and so on. That said, there would be exceptions.

  11. VincentBrooke1

    17. Jan, 2011

    House music is not terrible…

  12. thehotshirtguy2008

    17. Jan, 2011

    @garyrollinson1984 I wouldn’t want you to work for me since you can’t spell. That’s not discrimination, that’s you not being able to meet my expectations and the requirements for the job.

  13. srinivaskari

    17. Jan, 2011

    @vitaedigest you nailed it…………….i read somewhere…..”the only thing necessary for evil to suceed in this world is for good men to do nothing”………

  14. Meescool2

    17. Jan, 2011


    He should have said, “You’re not really a fucking retard, are you?”

    Retards are mistakes, kill them with fire before they get a chance to grow up. They’re destroying and polluting society with their plague.

    By the way, kudos to anyone that thinks it’s clever to say, “Hur hur you’re a retard” or “at least a retard is smarter than you hur hur hur.” I’m sure you’re all “SPESHUL” too.

    Fucking retards. xD

  15. MsGnorts

    17. Jan, 2011

    @vitaedigest That is true, and that place is specially reserved for presidents of nations.
    Ask me about my president, Alvaro Colom of Guatemala.
    The stupidest, most corrupt vermin in all the universe!

  16. terrorsquadlith

    17. Jan, 2011

    ahhh come on shes retarded ! only gave her like 2 words in this add :D

  17. garyrollinson1984

    17. Jan, 2011

    this add is so wrong iv tryed and tryed to got a job and theres some sort of blacker for some disability people and some tomes they ask you about the disability at the interview and when you tell the they say no in yore face or say you are to under-qualified for the job but thats just plan out wrong we shed have rights as anyone ells has

  18. vince89130

    17. Jan, 2011

    N’empeche, entre elle et un niquab ou une burqua j’ai déja fait mon choix

  19. WolfgangPain

    17. Jan, 2011

    -_- good, now make a video for my aspergers

  20. blanknot

    17. Jan, 2011

    @vitaedigest It’s not about the smartest vs. the dumbest. It’s the moral vs. the immoral. And the answer is because you usually have to step on people to get on top.

  21. gypsymarika

    17. Jan, 2011

    @LovetheV1De05 Are people in fact slightly afraid that the disabled, esp. those with Downs, may not be able to handle all aspects of their job, or problem solve when an issue comes up in their department? I am just asking. Might they be prone to making more mistakes due to their illness or intellect? Is this why discrimination takes place?
    For example, many autistics fixate or cannot problem solve in novel situations.

  22. electrogeek77

    18. Jan, 2011

    @psyjunta Ba-zing.

  23. LovetheV1De05

    18. Jan, 2011

    Disability and working is a hard thing for others who do not have a disability to recognize–self esteem, self-doubt, and people ranking (always comparing between you and another) disabled people really does have an effect on ALL of society. I have an MS in Diversity Education, yet I am still scared to look inside and see an individual who would be looked at as “just another worker.” All disabilities are different in their effect, but all people are challenged by the label disability.

  24. oglocgeeks2nd

    18. Jan, 2011

    I was getting progressively angrier until the end.

  25. psyjunta

    18. Jan, 2011

    Omg Obama is a communist!1!11!! If McCain had won we could just shoot the sick ones and save money… hell we could even bill the family for the bullet!