Can anybody recommend a product that would help solve this mobility problem for a big guy?

Posted on 07. Feb, 2011 by Mobility Scooter Batteries in adjustable beds

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5 Responses to “Can anybody recommend a product that would help solve this mobility problem for a big guy?”

  1. ckngbbbls

    07. Feb, 2011

    I think the furniture cups are the thing to get.
    I would have someone help you figure out how high you prefer the chair to be for you and get the size cups that match that.

    The other thing you can do is strengthen the muscles used to get up and down. Unless you have a physical issue that prevents that, of course.
    One good exercise is just tighten your butt muscles. It sort of lifts you up slightly if you are doing it right. Hold the pose as long as possible and do them every night when you are on the computer.
    I have arthritis in my joints and am about your size but shorter and working my leg muscles when I am sitting has helped eliminate much pain and kept me stronger.
    I also do leg lifts, and abdominal work outs while sitting as I cannot do floor work outs at all. It keeps from more active and I have less hip pain.

  2. ConansOwner

    07. Feb, 2011

    You will hate my answer. Looking to solve the symptoms of a problem will not only provide slight relief as the problem increases. Do what has been suggested by others in the past.
    1. Take the time to lose some weight.
    2. .start an exercise program.
    3. Drink water not sodas or other sugar or sugar-free drinks.

    A male friend about 60 has had a similar challenge and did nothing until the symptoms increases. Out of Breath, bad joints, diabetic, then needed to care oxygen full time. He was told to lose but did not. Finally was hospitalized to lose weight which helped so. He dropped from about 310 to 250 and continued to 190. But his calves still held too much fluid even while on the required program – too late I suppose. I learned that last week he is in the hospital again but for dialysis. His kidneys are failing – he must have overworked the filtration system of his body. This is what has occurred over a 5 yr period. Do not let this happen to you.

  3. GO Florrie Floyd

    07. Feb, 2011

    My orthopedic surgeon has high, large size chairs, with backs so maybe you want to check office suppliers or whomever supplies furniture to surgeons offices.

    What about a sturdy wooden stool?

  4. Bunny

    07. Feb, 2011

    Would a good portable cushion help, that you could use in whatever chair you choose to bring you up higher?

  5. sophieb

    07. Feb, 2011

    The only thing I can think of is find a carpenter who is low on work an anxious to please (make sure he is reputable) and suggest to him what you need. The only problem to that that I see is that you might be in a scooter soon and have to change the dimensions then. Or, you could have him make you something adjustable to the height you need now as well as to the height of a scooter or wheelchair (whichever you choose) that way you’re prepared for whichever way things go or for whenever. Yeah, adjustable is the answer.

    I’m not sure when you say “real strain” what you’re referring to but about three years ago I fell and my one leg is now longer than the other (I need to see a chiropractor) and won’t take a lot of weight. I commandeer a mop handle (stick) now which has electrical tape at the top and a rubber cup at the bottom and the mop handle is metal so it withstands weight and it gets me in and out of cars and up the stairs by my using leverage. Maybe one of those could help so you don’t strain so much. Make it yourself.