Is it rude for someone in a electric wheelchair to run my feet over?

Posted on 12. Feb, 2011 by Mobility Scooter Batteries in adjustable beds

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6 Responses to “Is it rude for someone in a electric wheelchair to run my feet over?”

  1. gjndf

    12. Feb, 2011

    It’s rude if they deliberately did it and even ruder if they noticed but didn’t apologise.

  2. Mikila92 =)

    12. Feb, 2011

    like yeah hell it is

  3. yellow flash

    12. Feb, 2011

    I don’t think they mean to. Sometimes in a tight space no matter how hard you try you might misjudge your space. I think they should say excuse me when they are trying to pass so they can make sure that people realize they are coming by.

  4. Saavy Simple Steven

    12. Feb, 2011

    Rude is defined as =
    rude (rd)
    adj. rud·er, rud·est
    1. Relatively undeveloped; primitive: a rude and savage land; a rude agricultural implement.
    a. Being in a crude, rough, unfinished condition: a rude thatched hut.
    b. Exhibiting a marked lack of skill or precision in work: rude crafts.
    c. In a natural, raw state: bales of rude cotton.
    a. Lacking the graces and refinement of civilized life; uncouth.
    b. Lacking education or knowledge; unlearned.
    c. Ill-mannered; discourteous: rude behavior.
    4. Vigorous, robust, and sturdy.
    5. Abruptly and unpleasantly forceful: received a rude shock.

    So by most of these definitions I would say your road raging wheelchairers are definitely “rude” if they honestly know what they are doing & just don’t plain care. You could respond by saying, “Ouch!” quite loudly & then say, “Oh excuse me.” ….

    I have never riden an electric wheelchair so I’m not sure if they are truly hard to manuever or if you can tell what you are driving over ………. if the person honestly is trying their best to pass you or honestly can not tell that they hit you then we would define this as honest ignorance ==

    lack of knowledge or education
    Collins Essential English Dictionary 2nd Edition 2006 © HarperCollins Publishers 2004, 2006

    & this is much more permissable…. especially since they are in a less advantageous situation than you and I are…. being unable to walk. In this case we need to show extra kindness and mercy ….. like a person who is retarded in a wheel chair or a person with alzheimers in a wheelchair.

    If we didn’t show kindness then we would be the ones that were being rude…………….. but if you can tell they are not mentally delayed…….. they can tell they hit you….. they are saying stuff like “Move it, move it!!!!” ….. they give them a piece of your mind. Being in a wheelchair does not give anyone the right to physically assault you!!!!

    Good luck,

  5. Crazy

    12. Feb, 2011

    Lol, this question made me laugh. They should have apologized.

  6. ntm495

    12. Feb, 2011

    Handicapped people want to be treated equal. What if a non disabled person walks past and happens to step on your feet?
    It depends whether or not the person in the wheelchair knew what he or she was doing? If they did it deliberately then that is extremely rude and malicious but if they did it by accident it is excusable, only if they apologize afterwards, otherwise it is just arrogant.
    However, If they are oblivious to the fact that they ran your feet over then they didn’t intend on doing this and therefore it is clearly just an accident.