Power Chair Two?

Posted on 15. Feb, 2011 by Mobility Scooter Batteries in adjustable beds

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16 Responses to “Power Chair Two?”

  1. chivita7777

    15. Feb, 2011


  2. senseless

    15. Feb, 2011


    Neccesity and Gadgets go hand in hand.

  3. gresiu7

    15. Feb, 2011

    cooL idea!!!! ***** FOR INnovation from AMSTERDAM

  4. senseless

    15. Feb, 2011

    Now you tell me!

    LOL just by chance my wifes power bed that I had hacked the controls with micro switches she could push went haywaire and the bed went down as soon as I let go of the up button…

    I had to raise it to a comfortable height for her then unplug the thing but geez, if it had wanted to go up head and foot and it had been Halloween…


    I’ll fix it or rebuild the controls.

  5. RemoteMowerCom

    15. Feb, 2011

    Checkout robotmarketplace and servocity for 1200 pound servo actuators to make it lift with electronics!!

  6. senseless

    15. Feb, 2011

    Come on down to Southpark and meet some Friends of mine…

  7. DGSE

    15. Feb, 2011

    i’m looking for an episode of southpark where
    they put a timetravel machine on the power chair of timmey.
    thanks you for the answers.
    And good job man.


    15. Feb, 2011

    thanks just wondering

  9. senseless

    15. Feb, 2011

    She has Rhematoid Arthritus which is not really arthritus but an auto immune desease similar to Lupus. It twists the joints and in the beginning of the year she had to have a leg amputated.

    People hear the word arthritus and dismiss it as trivial but RA can attack the heart and other organs and the meds for it cause her immune system to be comprimised so a simple cold can put her in the hospital.

    When I built the house I went out of my way to make it wheel chair friendly.


    15. Feb, 2011

    whats wrong with your wife? honestly i dont know

  11. senseless

    15. Feb, 2011

    I’m gonna test it tommorrow.

    Getting all my ducks in a row.

  12. spiralisedcat

    15. Feb, 2011

    Ouch seriously dude ooouch! Ive herniated my lower disc twice and its agony but doesnt come near to what you must feel! Nice customising man hope it does the job for her.

  13. senseless

    15. Feb, 2011

    Thanks dude and how ya been over there?

    I did this just in time, my lower back is shot gonna need some screws pins and fusion and no lifting for three months.

    It’s bone on bone when I lean forward scheduled for surgery first week of December.

  14. itslefty2004

    15. Feb, 2011

    Brilliant !!

  15. palestar11

    15. Feb, 2011

    so far so good – you are awesome… ‘-)

  16. elvis32z

    15. Feb, 2011

    That’s so nice :-)