Posted on 01. Aug, 2011 by Mobility Scooter Batteries in adjustable beds


3 Responses to “Wheelchair?”

  1. legrandchat

    01. Aug, 2011

    other than wheelies and such (I used to watch tv on 2 wheels for hours) they’re not much fun.

    you do NOT want to be confined to a chair.

    trust me on this one.

    I’ve got full function in 1 leg (and partial in the other) and can ride a bicycle and use a brompton folding bicycle to get around (short distances, like under 50′, I can walk thanks to 10#s of steel around my leg)

    well actually there is ONE time when it’s good to be in a chair… going through tsa/immigration/customs at the airport…

    I check my brompton and request a chair, this takes me to the front of all these lines… though the tsa check is probably a wash since all the metal in me sets off all sorts of stuff and it takes me a LONG time to get checked to their satisfaction…. but I skip the line at both immigration and customs and that saves a lot of time.

  2. newberry8950

    01. Aug, 2011

    the best thing to do is treat them as normal as you can. but dont act like nothing happened. sorry for your friends

  3. 2_loved_2b_lost

    01. Aug, 2011

    I just got news that the wheelchair I was put in “temporarily” well I suddenly got welcomed into the wheelchair club. For me I am scared all the time. Today was my first day back to work and there are no wheelchair access doors, the “handicapped” bathroom stalls are too small, My arms are always tired. My hands hurt. I can’t move very fast and I am becoming severly depressed. I am telling you this because Your friends may feel this way right now too. Its going to take time and help. Help them. Give them someone to practice get up steep ramps and also getting down them without crashing into something because they are not used to controling the chair. I love to hear “can I get that door for you” because I can’t figure it out. I am all alone. I have no one by my side to let me try to get used this metal prison. You are a blessing to your friends. Please do that for them. Don’t wish for this. Even if you did a “day in the life” of a wheelchair bound person you can’t get. I did this in college. It was a breeze. I thought I can deal with this. When I went into the wheelchair this time I said oh yeah this will be easy. I would never have been able to grasp the very concept of the new world I live in now.