What would be comparable in electrical power to kill condemmed prisoner in electric chair?

Posted on 01. Nov, 2011 by Mobility Scooter Batteries in adjustable beds

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3 Responses to “What would be comparable in electrical power to kill condemmed prisoner in electric chair?”

  1. Costin - Alexandru C

    01. Nov, 2011

    I can only partially answer your question. To be more specific I know that about 6 Amps is enough to get you killed. Power equals Current intensity times vloltage…so all you need to find out now is the voltage of the chair…

    Hope this helps you..:)

  2. Jon D

    01. Nov, 2011

    2,450 volts for 15 seconds, then death check. Interesting topic. The temp alone makes it a difficult environment for organs to fxn, anything above 110 degrees and you are in some serious shiat. (the voltage brings up to 100+ degrees)

    All I know is that 100 volts knocks you down for sure.

  3. odu83

    01. Nov, 2011

    It’s remarkable how little power is required to kill a human.

    At 100 mA/110 volts A/C, will kill a person if connected for more than a couple of minutes. The heart will be excited by the frequency of the line voltage to try to beat at 60Hz, which is 60 times faster than normal. The muscle gets damaged – dead.

    At higher amperage, same voltage, the heart will stop and the victim is paralyzed. If rescued within 30 seconds, recovery is likely. I personally experienced this. I was rescued and suffered internal burns of my muscles. This, by the way, is how I know this.

    At much higher amperages, the victim is likely killed within a few seconds.

    Here’s an article with some of the data. Note that the amperage sufficient to kill is less than the amperage to light a 100Watt lightbulb.