Project Mobility – Adaptive Cycling for People with Disabilities – Hal Honeyman

Posted on 10. Mar, 2012 by Mobility Scooter Batteries in adjustable beds

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11 Responses to “Project Mobility – Adaptive Cycling for People with Disabilities – Hal Honeyman”

  1. biggator32514

    10. Mar, 2012

    you are a bitchand asshole

  2. biggator32514

    10. Mar, 2012

    i hope your okay people 

  3. projectmobility

    10. Mar, 2012

    @lulzwhat123 Sorry we don’t like to feed trolls

  4. lulzwhat123

    10. Mar, 2012

    @camdogems Well, since you said you had a handicaped son why didn’t you ask the doctor for a tocix ? Then he wouldn’t live with the curse he do now. I feel truly sorry for him. I can put a bullet in his head if you want ?

  5. camdogems

    10. Mar, 2012

    @lulzwhat123 Your the kind of person who makes me sick. If you keep up that kind of attitude your gonna have a very long un happy life. Handicap people are just like you and I they are people. I have a handicapped son who is very loved and loves to laugh and play. Maybe you should spend some time with some handicapped people to learn that they are human beings, they may be different but everyone in this world is different our world would be very boring if everyone was the same. Good Luck in Life

  6. lulzwhat123

    10. Mar, 2012

    All the handicapped people needs to die, they do nothing for the society and thats why they are wort less!

  7. TheBuddyBike

    10. Mar, 2012


  8. soma9kq

    10. Mar, 2012

    Truly an inspiring story!!

  9. gcblarsen

    10. Mar, 2012


  10. n8tureboy

    10. Mar, 2012

    Inspiring story.

  11. plantgirl14

    10. Mar, 2012

    What a terrific video and tribute to Hal’s work and dedication to children of all abilities. Our son Nolan just received his bike at Creative Mobility on Saturday. He is thrilled with his new wheels and each day his strength, ability to pedal and stamina are improving. Hal is as wonderful and caring in person as he is in the video. We are so fortunate to have been put in touch with him. Thank you Hal for making such a difference in the lives of so many!